GS Photoelectric Scanning Head

GS Photoelectric Scanning Head

  • Readout of rotor marks from electromechanical meters
  • Readout of optical impulses from electronic meters
  • Readout of 8kHz modulated optical light impulses
  • Easy positioning
  • Resistance to external light
  • Automatic switching between electromechanical and electronic meter sensing

The photoelectric scanning heads of the GS series are cutting-edge, multifunction devices that enable the readout of both, the marks  from electromechanical meters and impulses from electronic meters. Their modern design supports high operational efficiency and reliability under variety of ambient light conditions.


The GS-10 photoelectric scanning head is designed to function with ASTeL as a device for the calibration and verification of electricity meters. Within the system, the operational mode is changed automatically, while the sensitivity can be switched through the IPO local stand controller’s keyboard. The instrument’s versatile mechanical construction enables trouble-free positioning: up/down, right/left, forward/backward and horizontal rotating.

The GS-11 photoelectric scanning head is designed for more general applications and for use in other calibration and legalization systems. Its operational modes and sensitivity are changed by means of an individual switch.

The GS-20 series photoelectric scanning head series, enables the readout of optical impulses from electronic meters. The GS-20 series is able to detect green, yellow, orange, and red LED flashes, plus infrared light. The maximum frequency of incoming light flashes is up to 2.5kHz. The device excellent immunity to ambient light conditions and requires no adjustment.

Supported metersElectromechanical and electronic Electronic
Rotor mark colorRed, black-
Type of the rotor surfaceMatte, shiny, knurled-
Sensitivity3 levels-
Sensitivity distance0 … 100mm
Switch for meter type selectionAutomaticallyManually-
Meter’s LED impulse colorInfrared, red, orange, yellow, green
8 kHz modulated lightYes
Maximum frequency of input impulsesUp to 2500Hz
Dimension (H x W x D)25 x 48 x 60mm
Product card
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