MPC-3 Meter Power Consumption Module

MPC-3 Meter Power Consumption Module

  • High accuracy
  • Wide voltage and current ranges
  • Operation via AsTest software

The MPC-3 power consumption module is a meter dedicated for measuring the power consumption of the meter under test. It measures:

  • active and apparent power consumption of the voltage circuits
  • apparent power consumption of current circuits of tested meters

The measurements are performed according to the relevant IEC standards.

The MPC-3 module is intended to be installed on the SR suspension rack and individually for each test position.

The MPC-3 module is fully integrated with the ASTeL meter test equipment and is operated by the AsTest system control software.

Voltage CircuitsVoltage range350V RMS
Current range170mA RMS
Voltage accuracy±0.1%
Current accuracy±0.1%
Active power accuracy±0.2%
Apparent power accuracy±0.2%
Current CircuitsVoltage range1.4V RMS
Current range200A RMS
Voltage accuracy±0.1%
Apparent power accuracy±0.2%
Relevant standardsIEC 62053-11 clause 7.1
IEC 62053-21 clause 7.1
IEC 62053-22 clause 7.1
IEC 62053-23 clause 7.1
IEC 62053-24 clause 7.1
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