OPTO Optical Port Reader

OPTO Optical Port Reader

  • Magnetic mounting to meter under test
  • Works under IEC 62056-21 (old IEC 1107) standard
  • Requires no adjustment
  • RS-232 or USB 2.0 communication port

The OPTO optical port reader is a device that enables communication between any type of electricity meter equipped with a port according to IEC 62056-21 (old IEC 1107) and a reading device equipped with an RS-232 or USB 2.0 port.

The OPTO reader can be used with both portable and stationary meter test equipment.

In case of using OPTO reader with stationary  test equipment, it gets connected to the system through the RS-232 port of the IPO individual stand controller. With standard IEC 62056-21 (old IEC 1107)  protocol, meter’s data and register states can be read. Tariff changing and other features are additionally available if the customer reveals constructor codes for accessing the functions, like passwords, specific protocols etc.

The OPTO probe can be equipped with RS-232 or USB port.

Magnetic head
CommunicationRS-232USB 2.0
Dimension (ØxH)32x24mm
Magnetic holding force15N
Bit rate19200bit/s
Cable length1,80m
Product card
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