Conformal coating

  • Conformal coating of the printed circuit board with the avoidance of certain elements (for example connectors)
  • Coating of PCB with high level of elements complexity
  • Coating of hard to reach areas
  • Continuous control of layer viscosity
  • Use of the lacquer with UV pigment, which improves the inspection
  • Effective protection from the environmental conditions and contamination

MeterTest Sp. z o.o. offers the service of conformal coating of PCB. Thanks to the use of latest technologies, team of our engineers is able to successfully secure every PCB with the use of acrylic lacquer, which perfectly secures from moisture, dust, vibrations, temperature changes.

Owned by MeterTest Sp. z o.o. ASYMTEK SL-941E is highly efficient and allows for highly precise coating. In comparison with different methods like for example lacquer dipping or airbrushing, conformal coating technology is the optimal solution. It allows for coating only the selected areas of PCB, which reduces the lacquer consumption and allows the avoidance of elements that do not require coating (for example connectors). Thanks to the continuous layer viscosity control, which decouples the lacquer parameters change from the environmental conditions, the entire process is characterized with high coating precision and repeatability.



  • Rotating head with the possibility of coating under the angle of 30°
  • High-accuracy coating (up to 0.075 mm)
  • Coating stream with changeable spread
  • Continuous control system of the lacquer properties
  • Coating with even layer
  • Advisory in terms of conformal coating
  • Coating technology, which allows obtaining a high level of repeatability
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