PS3 Three-Phase Power Source

PS3 Three-Phase Power Source

  • Broad range of output voltages, currents and allowable loads
  • High stability and low harmonic distortion
  • Multilevel protection system
  • Individual setting of each voltage, current and phase angle in each phase
  • Four-quadrant operation
  • Harmonics generation up to the 50th

The PS3 three phase power source was designed to provide a stable alternating current and voltage source for three phase electricity meter test equipment.

The basic functional components of the PS3 three phase power sources are:


Internal DSP controlled digital feedback loops ensures stability over time, quick setup of required parameters and low non-linear distortions of the output current and voltage signals. Precision regulation systems make the PS family capable of managing direct loads with a broad range of characteristics, from pure capacitive loads, through those that are resistive or inductive. Because of this ability, no external load compensators are needed.

Thanks to a broad range of output voltages and currents, setting any phase angle and generating harmonics is possible. The PS family efficiently tests all types of energy meters while retaining all the required electrical parameters.

Operational reliability and safety is provided through multilevel protection. Thanks to fully automatic settings and adjustments the PS family offers high reliability and class-leading continuity.

The power stages of the power amplifiers integrate PWM technology, ensuring high efficiency and very small thermal losses.


Standard versions of the PS3 three phase power source are able to generate harmonics up to the 21st order.  Enhanced harmonics versions marked with H are able to generate harmonics up to the 50th order.


The PS3 three phase power source is equipped with the ACU-3000 control unit. Its main tasks are: detecting shorting between voltage and current circuits, controlling emergency switches, controlling tariff systems, signaling the presence of dangerous voltages on suspension racks and more.

PS modelPS3(H) (1)
Available output power for linear loads (2)- voltage sources model3 x 400VA - VIS-400(H)
3 x 1200VA - VIS-1200(H)
3 x 2000VA - VIS-2000
3 x 2600VA - VIS-2600
- current sources model3 x 600VA - CIS-600(H)
3 x 1600VA - CIS-1600(H)
3 x 3000VA - CIS-3000(H)
3 x 3600VA - CIS-3600
3 x 4000VA - CIS-4000
3 x 4050VA - CIS-4050
3 x 6000VA - CIS-6000
3 x 2400VA - CIS-2400
Working voltage range3 x 0 … 350V (Phase-Neutral) / 3 x 0 … 600V (Phase-Phase) (3)
Working current range3 x 1mA … 120A (3)3 x 1mA … 200A (3)
Frequency of the fundamental40 … 70Hz (4)
Harmonicsstandard versionup to the 21st , user programmable
H versionup to the 50th , user programmable (5)
Phase angle range (independently for each voltage and current signal)0°… 360°
Resolution of output current/voltage adjustment0.002%
Resolution of phase angle adjustment0.001°
Resolution of frequency adjustment0.001Hz
Stability of the output current≤ 0.005% (time base: 150s)
Stability of the output voltage≤ 0.005% (time base: 150s)
Output voltage/current accuracyAccording to the accuracy of the reference standard
Accuracy of the phase angleAccording to the accuracy of the reference standard
Accuracy of the frequencyAccording to the accuracy of the reference standard
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)output voltage<0.1%
output current<0.3%
Efficiency of the output power stages>85%
ProtectionMultilevel protection systems safeguard against overcurrent, overvoltage, short circuit/ open circuit, thermal, earth leakage.
Operation indication & failure diagnoseVoltage and current integrated source has an LED to indicate the operation status. In the event of failure (internal) the LED blinks/flashes to indicate the causes of failure.
Construction19” standard rack mounting system for indoor laboratory application
ControlIsolated RS-422
PF compensation of the mains voltage according to EN 60555 / IEC 555Yes
Voltage dips and short interruption test as per Annex B as per IEC 62052-11Yes, all three waveforms
MainsUnstabilized mains: 3 x (150 … 260)/(260 … 450)V, 45 … 65Hz

(1) Notation (H) means that optional H version is available, e.g. PS3(H) means two versions are available PS3 and PS3H.

(2) Different models of voltage sources can be freely mixed with different models of current sources.

(3) Other values are available upon request.

(4) Operating range. Specified range from 45 to 65 Hz.

(5) Fulfills Chinese standard JJG 597-2005.

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