RX-30 Three-Phase Reference Standard

RX-30 Three-Phase Reference Standard

  • Typical Accuracy: ±0.02% @ PF=1
  • Worst Case Accuracy: ±0.04% @ PF≥0.5

Extended Measurement Range The RX is designed to operate over a broad Current, Voltage and Power Factor measurement range. A dynamic range of 30 VAC – 600 VAC and 1 mA – 200 A provides the versatility to operate in a multitude of power and energy applications. The AC direct current input provides fixed impedance (0.0005 Ohm) over the entire AC current input range. This capability is key to applications that require a fixed input burden and accurate yet fast measurement speed. The RX provides three-phase fully auto-ranging, simultaneous four-quadrant precision measurements, computes, records and presents instantaneous metrics. The RX allows the user to do more with a single instrument.

Internationalization The RX is designed for a global market where user languages may vary. The RX accommodates different languages as well as selectable VAR calculations and a broad range of energy measurement metrics including fundamental only Watts, VA and VAR. RX VAR calculation modes include Voltage 90 degree shifted, Integral VAR, Integral VAR 50 Hz, Integral VAR 60 Hz, RMS VAR, and Fundamental VAR.

Accurate in Extreme Environments Most Power and Energy reference standards are designed to maintain accuracies in a temperature controlled laboratory environment. Not the RX, it is at home in a temperature controlled measurement lab and at a test site where the environment is outside the operator’s control. Radian’s confidence in the RX design is supported by the guarantee that it will meet class accuracy at specified temperature extremes. You can test with confidence when using the RX.

Current range3 × 1mA … 120 (200)A (1) auto-ranging
Voltage range3 x 30 … 630V @60Hz auto-ranging
3 x 30 … 525V @50Hz auto-ranging
Auxiliary power range3 × 30 … 630V auto-ranging
Frequency of the fundamental40 … 70Hz (2)
Power Factor rangeAny
Operating temperature range-20°C … +70°C
Humidity0 … 95%, non-condensing
Measurement modes□ 2 wire active and reactive
□ 3 wire active
□ 3 wire reactive mode true or cross-connected
□ 3 wire apparent
□ 4 wire active mode
□ 4 wire reactive mode true or cross-connected
□ 4 wire apparent
Measuring functionsFour quadrant, three-phase, simultaneous measurement of energy (active, reactive, apparent), power (active, reactive, apparent), voltages, currents, power factors, phase angles, harmonics
Power/energy accuracyTypical Accuracy: ±0.02% @ PF=1
Worst Case Accuracy: ±0.04% @ PF≥0.5
Current accuracy±0.028% (280 ppm)
Voltage accuracy±0.02% (200 ppm)
Power/Energy long term drift1st year: ±0.0055% / 1st five years: ±0.0124% / 1st ten years: ±0.0175%
Current long term drift±0.0042% first year
Voltage long term drift±0.0028% first year
Accuracy of angle0.008°
Temperature Drift from -20°C to +65 °C

0.0005 %/°C for Power/Energy
0.0003 %/°C for Current
0.00015 %/°C for Voltage
0.000005 %/°C for Frequency
Display Gate inputBNC with 128Ω pull up to 5V, clamped at 5.7V
Gate Rate200 ns pulse width minimum, maximum 20Hz repetition rate
Output typeOpen collector, clamped at 27V
BNC pulse output default value0.00001Wh/pulse but may be reprogrammed
Output frequencyMax 2.1MHz (200ns pulse width minimum)
Other featuresBuilt-in comparator, Harmonic analysis

(1) Operating range. Specified range from 10mA to maximum current.

(2) Operating range. Specified range from 45 to 65Hz.

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