• Mounting of elements with the size from 01005 (0402 metric)
  • Mounting of μBGA elements
  • Mounting of atypical elements, with use of the mechanical grasper
  • Possibility of short and prototype batches
  • Full control of process and mounted elements
  • Assembly in accordance with IPC standards
  • Auto calibration during production process

MeterTest Sp. z o.o. offers service of mounting electronic boards in surface mounted technology. Production process is fully automated, which allows to obtain high quality of products and high process repeatability. Modern technologies allow for automated verification during the production process. Systems such as: control of the environmental parameters inside of the printing chamber, verification of the solder paste layer (2D & 3D), distortions control of the laminate, measurement of coplanarity, bump and lead/ball height in integrated circuit, thickness control of the components, closed loop convection control in the solder reflow oven and other features, allow to provide the highest quality. Highly precise Pick & Place Panasonic AM100 allows to mount elements with size from 01005 (0402 metric), µBGA, QFN, LGA elements and even atypical elements. The use of advanced technologies allow automated detection of all errors and it allows to correct them. Eight heating zones of the BTU Pyramax 100n, provide work flexibility and possibility to apply every kind of elements. Qualified engineering personnel oversees the course of the process and makes sure that the highest quality of the product is preserved.

Apart from assembling electronic boards in surface mounted technology, MeterTest Sp. z o.o. also provides services associated with quality testing and project support. Additionally thanks to certified IPC specialists and the use of latest methods of inspection (x-ray) technologies, it is possible to confirm the quality of provided services with IPC compatibility reports as well as compatibility with client’s requirements. There is a strong emphasis on ESD standards, storage methods and transport of the products. MeterTest Sp. z o.o. engineers are glad to answer all inquiries as well as advise the best technical solutions. Commissions are accomplished on time and high level of professionalism is a natural result of qualified personnel and complying with ISO 9001:2008 quality standards.


  • 2D & 3D real time solder paste inspection
  • Control of environmental parameters in the process of laying the solder paste
  • Measurement of coplanarity, bump and lead/ball height in integrated circuit
  • Thickness control of the components
  • Possibility of assembly from tapes, sticks, trays
  • Distortions control of the laminate
  • Precision assembly of complicated and atypical elements, that may also require the use of mechanical grasper
  • Closed loop convection control in the solder reflow oven with 8 zones
  • Advisory in terms of SMT
  • Qualified engineering personnel
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