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Welcome to MeterTest Ltd.
Electricity Meter Test Equipment

MeterTest specializes in designing and manufacturing of professional meter test equipment for the electricity meters testing and calibration. We provide a range of professional equipment for utility companies, energy meter manufacturers, governmental bureaus of metrology and other customers interested in electricity meters testing. Thanks to close cooperation with other engineers we can offer to our customers:
•  Meter Test Equipment
•  Reference Standards
•  Power Sources
•  Racks
•  Power calibrators
•  Network analysers
•  Optical port reader IEC 1107
•  and other meter test equipment components

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MeterTest company invites to place an offer for inquiries within the project „ Implementation to MeterTest company’s offer a new, innovative product and technology”, submeasure 1.1.A1: Investement grants for small and medium-sized enterprises on the regional level according to Regional Innovation Strategy (excluding projects within the scope of tourism) .

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MeterTest Ltd.
Łukasińskiego 26/21
58-100 Świdnica
  Phone: +48 74 856 63 92
Fax: +48 74 856 63 92

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