VIS Voltage Integrated Sources

VIS Voltage Integrated Sources

  • Broad range of output voltage and allowable loads
  • High stability and low harmonic distortion
  • Multilevel protection system
  • Harmonics generation capability up to the 50th

The VIS voltage integrated source was designed to be used as a stable alternating voltage source for electricity meter test equipment, and in laboratories. The output voltage is isolated and independent of mains voltage. VIS is available in a variety of configurations depending on the values of output power and output voltage.


The power stage of the source utilizes Power Width Modulation (PWM) technology, which ensures high efficiency and results in very small thermal losses. The stage is driven by an on-board Digital Signal Generator (DSP). The control signal can composed of harmonics with independently defined amplitudes and phases. The internal feedback loop utilizes DSP technology, while advanced algorithms ensure the high stability of amplitude and phase angle, as well as low distortion of the output voltage over a full range of allowable loads of various attributes.

A multilevel protection system protects the source from overload, short circuit, overheating and makes device operation reliable and safe.

The VIS is equipped with an isolated serial interface and can be operated from a PC or other controlling device (host). A variety of sources can be synchronized and operated together to form a poly-phase system. The communication protocol is able to control output settings as well as to access all internal registers.

The VIS voltage integrated source is housed in a 19 inch plug-in case.


Standard version of the VIS voltage integrated source is able to generate harmonics up to the 21st order. The enhanced harmonics version of the VIS source, marked with H, can generate harmonics up to the 50th.

VIS ModelVIS-400
Output power for linear loads400VA1200VA2600VA
Technology of the power stagePWM with digital feedback loop
Output voltage range (Phase-Neutral)30 … 350V (1)
Output voltage stability≤ 0.005% (time base: 150 s)
Total Harmonic Distortion (THDU)< 0.1%
Output power stage efficiency> 85%
Frequency of the fundamental component40 … 70Hz
Phase angle0° … 360°
HarmonicsStandard versionup to the 21st , user programmable
H versionup to the 50th , user programmable (2)
CommunicationIsolated RS-422/RS-232

(1) Other values are available upon request.
(2) Fulfills Chinese standard JJG 597-2005.



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